Bridge District Illuminated Tank

This 3.3 MG was planned and designed to meet the needs of the expanding developments around the “Bridge District” of West Sacramento, CA.This tank is designed to be a green structure with the storage tank designed to accommodate future solar power system installation, including 1,104 solar panel brackets installed during initial tank construction.

Steel was selected as the material of choice even with the following extra cost factors included:

1. Full containment during blasting and painting operations due to proximity of residential neighborhood.

2. The exterior of the tank was coated with High Performance Coatings (Urethane Gloss Enamel) to assist with the specialty lighting scheme.

There were 500 tons of steel used in the tank and the foundation. The tank was designed per section 14 of AWWA. The owner required 1/8″ corrosion allowance due to the location of the tank and the marine environment. The roof plate was designed at a thickness of 5/16″, which increased the size of the roof structure and supports.

The combination of architectural features, painting scheme and nighttime lighting have, created a new local landmark.

Design, fabricate and field erect (16) 350,000 gallon light gage stainless steel wine storage tanks with dimple style refrigeration jackets.

Due to the short construction schedule required to meet project requirements, the tanks were erected in the field using panelized construction. Providing over 5,600,000 gallons of additional storage capacity, these 16 tanks required over 20,000 parts and pieces totaling more than 1,040,000 pounds of stainless steel.

To meet the rigid customer specifications, achieve the performance requirements on the refrigeration jackets, and accommodate the butterfly foundations, this project required our company to develop new fabrication, erection and welding techniques.

E&J Gallo Winery Expansion

Desert Water Fabrication

Desert Water Agency processes secondary effluent from the Palm Springs Waste Water Treatment Plant into recycled effluent water that is used at all the public golf courses in Palm Springs.

During normal operations, the influent reservoirs collect several inches of sediment on the reservoir floors. This can create turbidity spikes requiring more chemical dosage during the filtration process, and can clog the filters much faster than normal, preventing the Agency from producing the recycled effluent water for its customers. Influent Reservoir No. 1 was not designed for annual floor cleaning.

The Agency had considered demolishing their existing steel reservoir and replacing with concrete reservoir. Once they evaluated the cost they decided to save their existing steel reservoir and remove the roof to install a new cleaning system that will save water, reduce the amount of chemical dosing, and get the reclaimed water out to the end user in a timely fashion.

The walkway’s and handrail were fabricated complete in our fabrication facility with galvanized structural steel and anodized aluminum handrail. There was a total of 800 feet of aluminum pipe that was welded together and anodized. The Walkway’s were then delivered and installed over the existing tank to allow for access for the water cannon cleaning system.

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